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Dear valued clients,

Keeping everyone healthy and safe, in addition to quality care, are among our highest priorities. Our clinic serves a vulnerable population of babies as young as two weeks old, their parents and older persons. While we always follow stringent hygiene and illness protocols we are now actively screening all individuals who come to our clinic prior to and at arrival.

We ask that anyone who has undertaken any airplane or boat travel or is feeling sick in any way whatsoever, kindly reschedule their appointment for 14 days after returning from travelling or after illness symptoms appear. If you are unsure, please contact us. We reserve the right to refuse treatment or ask anyone to leave the clinic.

Until further notice, we will not be charging any fees for last minute cancellations or changes.

Our staff will be subject to the same health and travel requirements that we have asked of our clients. If any of our staff members become ill, they will stay home and we will call to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Please be patient with us as we endeavor to keep our clinic as healthy and safe as possible.

Unless you hear directly from us, your appointment will proceed as booked.

While most of our manual therapy can only be undertaken in person, there may be some circumstances where a telehealth appointment may assist with your treatment. Phone appointments are available with our practitioners by calling or emailing the clinic to book. We will endeavor to maintain your treatment or answer your questions.

We welcome any questions or concerns you have via phone or by email.

Below is a very good video courtesy of Ottawa Public Health and working out the connections and figuring out their plan.

Yours in good health,

The Livewell Myofascial Release Team



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