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The Reopening of Livewell Myofascial Release

We are pleased to be welcoming our clients back to the clinic. We have all been through an extraordinary time and as we know, it is not yet over. As we start to resume some normal activities and habits, we would like to share the new protocol that will be in place for your visit to the clinic. Please take the time to read fully through the new steps. We take your health very seriously and ask that everyone, including our staff, to follow the new protocol for in-clinic treatment. Stringent cleaning protocols with approved Health Canada cleaners will be used after every client and throughout common areas multiple times a day.

Please note that June will be a transitional month for the therapists and will have limited availability as we have been recommended by the Ministry of Health and our Colleges to make a gradual transition back. We hope to be running at the new normal capacity by July. Online booking will be opened gradually for each Therapy in accordance to their College recommendations.

1. Each person will be asked on every visit a series of COVID screening questions. If you answer yes to any questions, or we see that you are visibly unwell (such as a cold or cough), treatment will be refused and rescheduled to a later date. We recognize that you may wake the morning of with an illness. Please call the clinic immediately and we will assess if we can switch you to an Online Telehealth appt or move your appt to a later date.

2. You will be permitted to enter the clinic approximately 1-2 min before your scheduled time. This will allow you to wash or sanitize your hands before entering the treatment room. If you arrive early, please wait in your car or outside respecting physical distancing. We have a small waiting area that has been re-designed to allow for better spacing, but we need to keep the number of people in the common area to a minimum.

3. Masks must be worn at all times by therapists and clients. You must provide your own mask. The clinic will not be supplying masks. If you arrive without one, you may be refused treatment if we do not have the supplies available to offer you one. Acceptable masks are N95s, Surgical Masks, Reusable Cloth masks. Not acceptable, scarves, bandanas or the equivalent pulled over the face. You must wear the mask properly so that it covers both your mouth and nose. Masks may only be removed for treatment of the face or mouth/TMJ as requested by your therapist. The therapist will then use a face shield in addition to their face masks during the treatment.

Children under the age of 3 are not required to wear a mask (unless they cooperate) but we ask that time in the waiting room be limited. Therapists will wear a mask and face shield for treatment of younger children. Parents must wear a mask. Young babies can be covered with a light blanket in their car seats in the common area.

4. Please arrive alone. There is no longer a waiting area. If you were driven to your appointment, please have your companion wait outside or in the car. If you are bringing your child, please only 1 parent to the child/children. If your spouse would like to be present, we can arrange an online viewing of the appt. Please do not bring any children that are not being treated. We apologize as we recognize that there is currently no care or school for kids. We must follow the Ministry of Health guidelines that state we are to limit contact under all circumstances.

5. There will be 15 minutes scheduled between each appt. Please be respectful of this time, if you are late, your appt will not be extended. We need the time to properly sanitize the treatment and common area rooms. The rooms must sit for several minutes to allow the cleaners to be effective. Your therapists need this time to sanitize and chart as well. Please be mindful of the time and ask all your questions during your appts. We appreciate your help in keeping us on schedule to reduce numbers in the clinic during transition times.

6. Please do not walk behind the plexiglass at the reception. We have a small space and are trying to protect everyone as best we can. Please respect the space of the administration by staying behind the plexiglass and following the steps provided by staff.

7. You may change your appointment to online telehealth if you are feeling unwell or are uncomfortable entering the clinic. Please contact the clinic by either email or phone to confirm we have received the request.

8. In accordance to the Ministry of Health’s recommendation, the clinic will be following a new hybrid model of Telehealth and In-clinic treatment when applicable to several of the disciplines. Initial assessments maybe done in clinics or online. Follow up appts may be a combination of in-clinic and online care depending on the case and the needs of the client. If it is suitable to have a follow up online, we will recommend it as it will be equally effective and ultimately safer for you to stay home. This will also apply if you are feeling unwell. We will transfer the appt over to online to ensure that we stay on track with the goals set but also keep you and others safe from illness.

We are excited to begin working with you again and thank you for being respectful and patient with the new policies we have taken to maintain maximum safety.  If you have any questions, please contact the clinic via email at

Wishing you all good health,

The Livewell MFR Team

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