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What makes our treatment different?

While there can be a specific area that you feel symptoms or can relate an injury to a specific event, we believe that injuries can be complex and often originate from more than one source. Most symptoms are a result of several factors that have worked together to create the right environment to allow the complaint or deficit to manifest. These factors can include but are in no way limited to; physical stress or strains (posture, repetitive strains, traumas), environmental exposures (allergies), emotional stress and internal physiological health (pre-existing medical conditions, diet, fitness).

With the belief that various systems are involved with any injury and that each person is unique, we look at multiple systems, how they are interacting, and apply clinical and evidence-based knowledge to your treatment. No one approach can address all contributing factors. We work without one size fits all protocols and instead use of different manual modalities based on our findings, create individualized treatment plans, and have an  openness to collaborating with other knowledgeable therapists. With this,  we are able to provide a truly balanced approach to treatment.

As therapists,  we each have arrived in this place through our own personal journey.  We understand what it feels like to have chronic pain or to be in a place in your life that creates so much stress that it shifts into physical form and causes injuries and pain. Our goal is to be a piece of the puzzle that helps to return someone back to a healthy, happy pain-free lifestyle. We are each constantly striving to learn more as new research and treatment approaches are being offered. As much as we feel that patients have a responsibility in their own healing,  it is also felt that it is our responsibility to continue to learn and train so as to bring the most effective tools into treatment for our patients.

We work in a collaborative environment where we each bring our skills and expertise to the assessment and treatment. We share our findings so that we truly work together with our team or with outside professionals to create the best care plan for you needs and goals.

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