This past winter and spring the profession of physiotherapy was presented with the challenge of maintaining patient care while avoiding all personal contact. The advent of tele-rehab permitted physiotherapists to see their patients and provide a different type of fully immersive physiotherapy experience. Sessions became more focused on education, patients’ awareness of their pain and very geared towards rehabilitative exercises. In a session, the patient was assessed, learned how to self-assess their issue and was given many strategies to take care of their issue through exercises and pain education. They were also forced to provide more subjective information than they may have been used to. But this then provided them the opportunity to be more introspective with their issue. The patients who thought that they needed a “hands on” approach quickly realised that through tele-rehab visits they were the ones in charge of their rehabilitation and could self-release with simple stretches or massage balls.

We now know that physiotherapy through tele-rehab will not only treat the client’s symptoms or issue, but also provide them with a new-found ability to treat themselves, learn valuable information about their pain as well as the confidence that they will be ok and someone is there to guide them through their journey towards a physically freer life. Most importantly, their pain will be treated and taken care of




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