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I spent many years working in multidiscipline clinics with a variety of skilled Health professionals. While the working environment was always friendly and helpful, it was ultimately very segregated. Therapists would have their own patients and would create and administer the treatment they felt was best suited. Occasionally we would chat about a patient if we were stuck, but generally we went about our work on our own. I was always challenged by the idea that there was a wealth of information and skill amongst these therapists, and yet the patients would only receive a fraction of the resources because the model was to start and finish with the same therapist.


My vision was to see a clinic space where no one therapist felt they must have all the answers. They would have a team to work with where each could bring their strengths to the table. All for the benefit of the patient.  This would give the therapist the opportunity to become an expert in the areas they were passionate about and then call upon others to assist them in areas they weren’t.  With each therapist developing in the areas that they resonated with, it would keep their desire for continued learning high. Put several of those therapists together, those who would share their learnings and knowledge and we created a truly collaborative approach to care.


My passion to continued learning as well as this shared model of care has allowed me to create Livewell Myofascial Release. Not only do we team-approach care within the clinic, we collaborate with numerous health care professionals around the city. Recognizing their skills and knowing that our goal is to assist patients in meeting their goals. If that means adding them to the treatment, then we are pleased to connect them. As a therapist, it is incredibly rewarding to hear the appreciation of our patients when they experience this approach to their care. They are finally being treated as whole person.

Jennifer Spak


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