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How Can I Help my Baby?

Having a child is a busy, challenging and at times exhausting experience. Your child displays discomfort but how do you know when to seek help and who to seek it from?

  • Having issues with your latch (pain, blistering, flattened nipples, vasospasm)

  • Concerns with under/over production of milk

  • difficulties with weight gain

  • suspected tethered oral tissues (TOTs)

  • digestive issues.

Never breast feed before? Just because it’s natural, doesn’t mean it comes naturally. Get the right information from the beginning and visit a IBCLC

  • feeding issues that appear to be caused by structural changes:

  • tight jaw

  • torticollis

  • tethered oral tissues (TOTs)

  • gas and reflux symptoms or constipation (digestion issues)

  • difficult labour and delivery

  • not meeting milestones (tummy time, crawling, walking)

  • or for anything that makes your mothers intuition feel off.  

Often mothers see things that others don’t. Trust your mothers instinct. 

  • difficult births (use of interventions like vacuum or foreceps)

  • tissue tensions (eg. baby that doesn’t want to be put down)

  • torticollis and alignment concerns

  • jaw tension linked to feeding issues

Teaching our children about therapeutic touch and how important it is to take care of our bodies starting at an early age.  

Disclaimer - Everything shared is for informative purposes only. It is not intended for assessment, diagnosis or treatment purposes. If you feel there needs to be further investigation, please seek out a qualified health care professional for a proper assessment.


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